Today I realised I can’t blog!

Today I read a real blog – I mean a proper straight-from-the-heart blog.  A blog which showed me I can’t blog.  When you read something like this one, about a woman named April who lost her two boys in a tornado, then you realize that any pain or sadness you thought you had is nothing in comparison.  I realized how small my faith is and am deeply humbled by this wonderful lady who I don’t even know.

And after reading this, at first I thought I could never blog again.  But then I realized that, as April says, we are each here for a purpose and God has a unique and special plan for my life, just as He has one for April.  And so, even though my experience is so limited in comparison with someone like April, it is still precious in the sight of God and just what I need to discover more of His goodness and His love.  And whilst my story is nothing like April’s, it is still my duty and my joy to speak about the wonderful God I know in whatever way I can.  He is worthy of every expression of praise however weak and inadequate I feel in such praise.

And so, I will continue to blog.  It may only help one person, it may help no-one at all – but I will still do what I can to point to God.  A God who is always good.  A God who loves me so much that He gave His only Son to die on a cross for me so that He could have my company forever!

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