I’ve joined a blog train!

I have recently joined an author blog train!  “What’s an author blog train?” I hear you ask, which is exactly the same question I asked a couple of weeks ago.  Well, I think it must be an American idea – and a very good one – as I had never heard of it before in this country.  In this case a number of authors have got on a ‘train’ together.  This train then stops at various stations in the coming weeks which represent different blogs/websites and different authors are interviewed.  So far we have had Elizabeth K station, followed by David Bergsland.  And today it’s Jansina!  All these stops represent some great interviews with some excellent authors in the USA so why not ‘stop’ by and explore.  They are all Christian writers.  Some write fiction, some non-fiction.

You can check out the following links which show the interviews with the authors.  From this you will get an idea of the sort of books they write and, if you are interested, you can see the links to buy their books or follow their blogs etc.

Have fun exploring these ‘stations’ and hopefully you will find some great authors you hadn’t heard about before.

Thanks for stopping by and God bless you.

First stop – Elizabeth K


David Bergsland