Hope where it is least expected

Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared…..’  Luke 2:13

Christmas is a time of great sadness for many people.   And the apparent festive cheer of others only serves to make this worse.  Someone said to me very recently, ‘Christmas means nothing to me this year.  I have lost my Mum.’  Somehow such a loss seems greater at Christmas.  The death of a loved one, marital breakdown, family dissension – many people actually become severely depressed at Christmas.

Maybe you are one of them and if so I want to tell you not to give up hope because we so often find hope where it is least expected.  The story of Christmas shows us this so clearly.  God moved suddenly to announce the coming of the Saviour of the world.  But also in such an unexpected way.  A baby?  In a manger? But the shepherds didn’t think, ‘well that’s ridiculous’ (as I am sure I would have done) but instead they believed and went immediately to investigate further.

So if you are sad this Christmas I encourage you to invite God into your circumstances and believe.  Believe that He loves you and that He works in ways we do not understand.  Do not lose hope because God is still in control.  ‘Suddenly’ things may change.  ‘Suddenly’ you may see how God is working in your situation.  ‘Suddenly’ God may speak into your life and everything will change.  The shepherds saw Jesus and I guess their lives were never the same again.

I read a beautiful reflection recently on this very subject of hope written by Amy Church of Tearfund.  In the midst of all the sorrow and sadness there is in the world today, we can still hope in God.  The link is here so you can enjoy this too.


May God bless you this Christmas and don’t lose hope, because around 2000 years ago a baby was born who is the Saviour of the world.  And hope was found where, and when, it was least expected. 

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