Happy New Year!

‘only believe’  Mark 5:36

I wonder who you will believe in 2015.

I have been having a very interesting email exchange with someone who is not a Christian.  He wrote to me recently and said something which I thought was very profound, but also very simple.  His phrase leaped out of the page towards me and I have been thinking about it ever since.  It was this,

‘We believe or we don’t believe….it really is that simple’.

I realised that this statement sums up the Christian message and has an impact on our life on earth and our life after death too.  A very simple statement….. but the consequences which follow our decision are anything but simple.

God has spoken to us.  Do we believe Him?  We believe or we don’t believe ….. it really is that simple.

God has spoken to us through the universe, through the Bible and through the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.  And all we have to do is believe Him!

We believe or we don’t believe….. it really is that simple.

So this year – 2015 – will you believe God?  If so it will certainly be a Happy New Year for you.


The clock strikes twelve – the year has passed

How did it slip away so fast?

Will this year just be like the last?

Believe, my friend, believe.


The Lord is coming – have no doubt

My friend the time is running out

Events proclaim it all around

The Lord is coming – joyful sound.


Oh what a day! – at least, for those

Who have believed that Christ arose

They’ll rise to meet Him in the sky

Forever more with Him on high.


But oh, for some – what great despair

Horror and fear – they won’t be there

The truth will dawn – a dreadful fate

That awful cry – it is too late!


Believe, believe – I plead with you

Believe, believe – my friend, please do

Repent, repent of all your sin

Accept the Lord, just turn to Him.


My words run dry – what can I say?

If only you would stop and pray

Why do you doubt? God does not lie

And yet you won’t believe – but why?


Believe – for time will soon be gone

Believe – for now you haven’t long

Believe – and join the ransomed throng

Believe my friend – believe.



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