Introducing Corine Hyman

Yes I know……………. I haven’t written on this blog for a while!  I am in Spain at the moment and there is so much going on.  God is at work in amazing ways and one day soon I will write here with a few details.  However, I always like to keep my word – if at all possible – and I promised to introduce a wonderful children’s author on this blog.  So that is why I am here today J

I don’t often read children’s books, but I was asked to take a look at this one: ‘Teaching Christ’s Children About Feeling Angry’.  The title intrigued me – as did the wonderful illustration on the front, so I decided to read it.  And I loved it!  This is an excellent little book for children.  It is firmly based on the Bible; very simple and easy to read and it has some excellent advice for both children and adults.  It is also likely to keep a child’s attention because of the excellent illustrations.

So, I decided it would be worthwhile to interview the author, Corine Hyman, and here she is…….

Margaret – Hi Corine – thanks for joining me today.  I have just read your wonderful book for kids – ‘Teaching Christ’s Children About Feeling Angry’.  I really liked it so I thought it would be good to get to know you a bit better.  So can you tell us a little about yourself?

Corine – Thanks for that and for asking for an interview.  I currently live in the great state of Maryland where I work full-time as a clinical psychologist.  However, my passion is writing Christian Childrens Books.  The book you mention is my sixth picture book: Teaching Christ’s Children About Feeling Angry.   All my books can be found on Amazon and at

M – Yes that’s the book I read.  It is excellent.  I love the simple way you explain Biblical truth.  And the pictures are wonderful!  It seems daft to ask you what you do in your spare time because I doubt that you have very much!

C – Well, that’s true.  I don’t have much spare time, but when I’m not working or pursuing my passion, I enjoy gardening, cooking, and dancing.

M – Can you tell us a bit more about this book?

C – Yes of course, I would love to.  Teaching Christ’s Children About Feeling Angry is the first book in my ‘feelings’ series.  Each book will introduce children to a different emotion and help them, and the adults that love them, learn to express their emotion in a way that honors God.  This book teaches children how to express anger in a way that honors God.  Young children often feel that it is wrong to feel angry.  In Teaching Christ’s Children about Feeling Angry, the main character walks you through things that typically make a child angry and how she learns to deal with her anger in a way that is pleasing to God.

M – So what is the age range of the book? 

C – The book is geared towards children 3 to 8 years old, but my slogan is “All Books By Corine are for people from 3 to 103.”  I say this for many reasons; first several adults have read the book and they fell in love with it.  The way this book teaches how to deal with anger applies to adults as well.  Also, the book is designed to not only be a teaching tool but a discussion guide with young children.  It contains a plan to deal with several anger situations including what to do when you are angry, what not to do when you are angry and how to deal with angry people.

M – Yes and you do this in a very simple and down-to-earth way.  So what’s been the best – and the worst – part of your writing journey?

C – I can truthfully say there has not been a worst part.  I have definitely made some mistakes but I have learned and grown from each one.  I used to hate marketing my books.  Like most writers, I just wanted to curl up with my computer and my thoughts and write, write, write.  However, I am slowly learning to love marketing.  In terms of the best part, I will have to say it is definitely seeing the finished book.  Each time a book is complete I literally cry.

M – Yes I know what you mean.  I look at my books and often think they must have been written by someone else!  I still can’t really believe I have written so many books – and that they are selling so well!  I think, ‘wow, people actually want to read my books!’  So, what genre do you write, and why?

C – I write Christian Childrens books because I love children.  I love being a Christian and I love showing people that the Bible has simple answers for all of life’s questions.

M – Oh I definitely agree that the Bible has answers for all our questions.  The problem is that we often don’t like the answer!  Or we don’t take the time to find it.  Are you working on a book now? If so, can you give us a glimpse of it?

C – Yes.  I am currently working on a workbook to accompany Teaching Christ’s Children about Feeling Angry as well as the second book in the Teaching Christ’s Children About Feeling.  The name of the second book is still under wraps. However, you can find out more about it by following me via my blog or social media.  Soon I will be offering people a chance to name the characters in this book.

M – Oh thanks Corine that sounds great.  I will put your contact details here below our interview so that anyone interested can find out more about you and your books.  Thanks so much for joining me today and keep up the good/God work!