Who will move the stone?

“Who will roll the stone away?”  Mark 16:3

As some of you know, I am involved in an outreach movement in Spain.  As ever, when God is on the move, there are blessings and trials going along together.  And during this last year I have thought on several occasions, ‘who will move the stone away?’  But the lesson I have to learn over and over again, is to cast my cares on HIM (1 Peter 5:7) and He will ‘move the stone’.  And when we want to work for God, when we want to help advance HIS Kingdom on earth, we must always remember it is HIS work, not ours.  HIS plans, not ours that must go forward, HIS thoughts not ours that must prevail.  We must constantly realign our thoughts and actions with HIS – otherwise our work will be wasted.

And as I wrestled with this last week, I received a wonderful encouragement in my email box.  It was sent to me by a friend and written by a lady I don’t know – but I thank God for her.  Because this encouraged me, I have asked her permission to reprint it here in full, and hope this may also encourage you if you are facing a seemingly insurmountable problem in your life right now.

“In Mark 16 we are invited to engage with the women disciples as they prepare to visit the tomb and anoint the body of Jesus. They had bought spices; a fragrant offering for the one they loved. At daybreak they made their way, aware of the challenge before them. ‘Who would move the stone?’ They were resolved that nothing would deter them. On arrival at the tomb, their question had been answered: God himself had moved the stone. The way was open; no barriers, no hindrances. They encountered resurrection; and with resurrection came revelation: ‘You will see Him!’ This promise echoes through the pages of scripture, encouraging us to be living witnesses. A new day dawns and our hearts are drawn. We choose to prepare; to bring the fragrant spices of our love and adoration to worship Jesus. We are aware of challenges, but need to look to God himself to ‘remove the stone’. As we set aside our questions and choose to trust, we need not be deterred by situations and circumstances. Our priority is to worship Jesus. We come in faith, bringing the fragrant spices of lives transformed by His love and grace. As we come, we meet with resurrection; we receive revelation, and the promise that ‘We will see Him!’  We encounter our risen, living Lord.  As we behold Him, our hearts are changed and we reflect His glory. Heart to heart encounters bring clarity of purpose and calling. Each new day is an opportunity to encounter resurrection and revelation: to reaffirm that God himself will move obstacles as we worship, listen and partner with him for His kingdom and glory.”   Rhonty Beeching